Research actiiviitiies

The main scientific researches of University staff are connected with the following priority directions corresponding to a training profile in the field of land management, land and city inventories, land economics, the land law, geodesy and cartography, architecture and construction: creation of the state inventory of real estate objects; conducting land management and territorial planning in the conditions of formation of the new economic mechanism of managing; information support of land management, land and city inventories, lands monitoring, inventory of real estate objects; formation of the automated cartographical system of the state inventory of real estate objects; protection of lands in zones of pollution of the industrial and agricultural enterprises; land use ecology; management of land resources as bases of economic transformations in the country, regions and municipalities; development of energy-efficient buildings and constructions; formation of ecological and food security of the country; improvement of the mechanism of functioning of uniform system of regulation of the land relations and land market; legal support of economic and social policy in the Russian Federation.

Considerable results of scientific researches are received by teams of scientists which worked in the following actual directions: “The organization of rational use and protection of the federal property lands” (the head – Prof. Sergey N. Volkov); “The analysis of a current state of natural resources of Non-Black Earth Russian Region” (the head - Prof. Valentin V. Vershinin); “Formation of the inventory of real estate objects on the basis of State Land Registry data” (the head - Prof. Anatoly A. Varlamov); “Legal regulation of the land and property relations in the Russian Federation” (the head – Prof. Valentin  H. Ulyukayev); “Economic regulation of investment activity in agriculture in the market conditions” (the head – Prof. A.E.Sagaydak); “Improvement of technologies of carrying out topographical and geodetic works for the State land registry, lands monitoring, buildings of engineering objects (the head – Prof.  Vladimir N. Baranov); “Actual problems of modern architecture” (the head – Prof. Svetlana V. Ilvitsky); etc.

Scientific researches are financed from various sources: the federal budget of the Russian Federation, economic contracts, own University funds and international grants. Annually the University volume of research and developmental works calculated on one person makes not less than 200 thousand rubles.

The University scientific researches are carried out by request of the state administrative structures, the commercial enterprises and the organizations as is independent, and together with the research and production organizations and establishments. Among them: The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Gazprom, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goszemkadastrsjemka - VISHAGI, Association of the Moscow Higher Education Institutions - Non-profit organization,  Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosenergoatom, State Unitary Enterprise Mosgorgeotrest,  Research and Production Aero Geodetic Enterprise Meridian +, and other.

Results of scientific researches found reflection in many Russian and foreign scientific publications. The university issues own scientific magazine with the name "Land Management, Inventory and Monitoring of Lands" (in Russian and English languages).

Total number of graduate students and doctoral candidates who are trained at University makes more than 200 people per year.

Further improvement of a role of University as scientific, methodical and training center of innovations in agrarian and industrial complex, the initiator of strategic change of the directions of further development of a land and property complex of the country, on the basis of improvement of scientific and innovative activity is necessary. The university has to become the leader of world and Russian school of sciences in the field of land use planning, land management and inventories.